Explore the Green home cooling benefits of Awnings

In a typical home, more energy is lost through glass doors and windows than through any other construction element. On a hot day, more energy comes through one square foot of glass than through an entire insulated wall! Aristocrat Awnings provide top quality Green home cooling and passive home cooling options that are affordable and reliable.

Passive and efficient home cooling | reduce air conditioning costs

Awnings help you reduce air conditioning costs inside the house, while providing comfortable shade outside the house. Retractable awnings are efficient home cooling methods that require very little to no maintenance. Many homeowners regret that they can’t use their deck or patio as often as they would like because of the heat and glare of the sun. Awnings and other shade products add beauty along with passive home cooling plus add a distinctive look to your home or business! With Aristocrat Awnings, you get best quality manufacturing and the peace of mind that comes with choose an awning manufacturer with over 70 years of experience. 

Awning for Home

According to a study by the University of Minnesota Center for Sustainable Research, awnings have advantages that contribute to more sustainable buildings. Awnings are a great way to passively and efficiently cool a home or deck area. Some of their findings:

  • Awnings result in cooling energy savings by reducing direct solar gain through windows.
  • Awnings directly reduce the impact of global warming from greenhouse gas emissions (awnings are a great Green home cooling option)
  • Peak electricity demand is reduced by awnings (awnings lead to efficient home cooling!)

Awning for Windows

Window awnings can save you money on cooling costs!

  • Windows have the lowest insulation value of any element in a building
  • Windows are responsible for the greatest energy loss in a home
  • 50% of the solar heat that enters a room comes through the glass
  • Awnings significantly reduce the high cost of energy consumption for cooling without sacrificing visibility through your windows
  • Window awnings are a great defense against the harmful UV rays of the sun and are a great green home cooling option!

Door Awnings

Door Awnings beautify your entryway – and protect you and your visitors as well!

  • Add a distinctive look to your home or business with a basket awning over your entry door.
  • Sturdy door awnings protect your entryway from gathering snow and ice
  • Match your window awnings with a custom made awning to cover your doorway

Awnings are Good for the Environment!

The University of Minnesota Center for Sustainable Research says that saving cooling costs is not the only reason to add awnings to your home or business…It’s environmentally responsible, too!

Did you know…

Peak electricity demand is also reduced by awnings, potentially resulting in reduced mechanical equipment costs, the study states.

“Reduced peak demand may also result in energy cost savings in the future if residential customers are charged high rates during peak periods. Another outcome of peak demand reduction is the overall savings to utility companies and the public from a decreased need to build new generating capacity.”

Shade products pay for themselves year after year in increased comfort and reduced cooling costs…

…And by reducing energy demand, can have a long term effect on the environment by reducing the impact of global warming from greenhouse gas emissions.

Awnings are Effective to Reduce Solar Heat Gain

Solar gain (also known as solar heat gain or passive solar gain) refers to the increase in temperature which results from solar radiation. The amount of solar gain increases with the strength of the sun, and with the ability of any intervening material to transmit or resist the radiation.

Objects struck by sunlight absorb the short-wave radiation from the light and re-radiate the heat at longer infrared wavelengths. Where there is a material or substance between the sun and the objects struck that is more transparent to the shorter wavelengths than the longer, then, when the sun is shining the net result is an increase in temperature – solar gain. This effect, the greenhouse effect, so called due to the solar gain that is experienced behind the glass of a greenhouse, has since become well known in the context of global warming.

Retractable Awnings Work Best to Save Energy All Year

During cold weather, when passive solar heat gain through your windows helps warm your home…retractable awnings can be retracted to allow the warmth of the sun into your home.

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