WindowAwnings.jpgWindow awnings are a beautiful accessory for any home or business, but they do so much more than add curb appeal. Did you know that window awnings also reduce energy costs?

In summer, they block the sun’s direct rays from hitting your windows and transferring that heat into your home. As a result, air conditioners do not have to work as hard to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. In winter, you can retract the awnings, allowing the sun’s rays to heat your home through the window glass.

With over a hundred color options, both striped and solid, window awnings can coordinate with your home or business beautifully. Decide if you want a retractable window awning in our cottage or drop shade style, or a basket or rounded awning, which can be either retractable or stationary.
Learn more about our window awnings here and contact us to meet with one of our dealers for more information. 

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