Do you have a sunroom, large windows, glass doors, or other large expanses of glass that make your house too hot in the summer?  Even if you love the sun’s rays warming your home in winter, the room may become too hot to enjoy throughout the summer.  To keep it at a comfortable temperature, your cooling costs skyrocket because of all the glass.  A solution to this problem is exterior solar shades.

wholehouseinterior.jpgExterior solar shades are retractable shades that are installed outside of homes and businesses and operate by remote control from within the building.  They block the sun from heating the glass, which reduces the indoor temperature and saves money on cooling costs.  With the continued savings year after year, solar shades quickly pay for themselves.  They also:   

  • Add privacy
  • Reduce glare
  • Protect your furnishing from fading in the sunlight
  • Add style and personality to your home or business
  • Feature the latest advancements in technology, electronics, and engineering

Solar shades are not just for windows and glass doors.  You can add privacy and sun protection to porches, patios, decks, or any outdoor structure.  You can choose from a variety of colors, and “openness factors” (the tightness of the weave). A tighter weave will block more sunlight and offer privacy. A looser weave will preserve your view to the outside.  Solar shades are custom designed to add comfort and protect your home or business from sun damage. They’re made with the same quality materials as our other shade products and are backed by our manufacturer’s warranty.

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