Commercial shade products are a great investment for any business.  From restaurants to retail stores to office buildings to industrial facilities, any type of business can reap the benefits that awnings, canopies, and solar shades provide.  In addition to their individual features and benefits, all of our shade products also aid in decreasing energy costs, increasing visibility and brand awareness, and increasing revenue.

Decreasing Energy Costs
One of the greatest benefits that awnings and solar shades provide is the reduction in cooling costs throughout the summer.  They block the sun’s rays from warming up the interior of your business.  This can reduce the interior temperatures by up to 15 degrees, which can cut your utility bills by up to half!  Along with these savings, carpets and furnishings will also be protected from the damaging UV rays, so they will last much longer.

Increasing visibility and brand awareness
Shade products help your business stand out from others, and they catch patron’s eyes when they drive or walk by.  They also add personality and character to your commercial building—you can even add custom print to awnings and solar shades with your company name, logo, or marketing message.  In many cases, customers associate an awning with its business.  This makes your business easier to find and more recognizable. 

Increasing Revenue
With increased visibility, more people will visit your business, and hopefully, spend money while there.  Country club or restaurant owners can provide additional seating outdoors with awnings or canopies.  Storefronts can also be dressed up with window and door awnings—not only will they help bring people in, but they will also provide shelter from the weather.  By adding shade products to your business, more people will be drawn to it and depending on the product you’ll be able to effectively utilize more space, which means you can make more money!

Shade products from Aristocrat are custom-made to fit your individual business needs, personality, and budget.  The winter months are the perfect time to purchase a shade product so that your business is prepared for the first hot day of summer.

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