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True to our history of manufacturing quality shade products, Aristocrat Awnings, Shades, and Canopies continue to develop new products to meet the changing needs of the residential and commercial marketplace.

Looking to energy conscious Europe, where air conditioning is rare and electricity is expensive, Aristocrat has brought new products to the American market that help save energy, provide sun protection, and complement the US home.

Following the introduction of retractable fabric awnings for patios and decks in 1986, Aristocrat introduced window awnings, drop shades, and canopies. To meet demands for energy saving products, we manufacture exterior solar shades that stop the heat of the sun before it gets into your home. The addition of code compliant, maintenance free railing systems and waterproof aluminum decks are the newest products in the Aristocrat line.

Aristocrat boasts a team of experts who travel the country to provide support and training to the professional companies who sell and install Aristocrat products. Each team member spends several weeks in the factory, learning everything about how our awnings, exterior solar shades, and canopies are manufactured. They receive additional training in product installation, service, and support, all in concert with our mission statement:

  • Enthusiastic Employees
  • Flawless Performance
  • Delighted Customers
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