What makes Aristocrat Awnings unique?

  1. Aristocrat uses a tray that keeps the fabric taut when extended and eliminates the need for roller tube supports that can cause damage – an Aristocrat EXCLUSIVE
  2. Awnings can block harmful UV rays that cause skin cancer by 94%
  3. Awnings can reduce indoor temperatures by 15 degrees
  4. The most efficient way to shade your windows is from the outside – before the sun heats up the glass
  5. Retractable awnings on your balcony, deck, patio, or terrace can shelter your entire outdoor dining area from rain and sun
  6. 50% of the solar heat gain entering a room comes through the glass – accounting for about one fifth of the load on an air conditioner
  7. Aristocrat awnings can operate at the touch of a button – or with sun and wind sensors that control operation automatically
  8. Aristocrat awnings carry a limited lifetime warranty
  9. There are hundreds of awning fabrics to choose from – stripes, solids, and tweeds
  10. Aristocrat awnings are manufactured by Craft-Bilt Manufacturing Company, a leader in reliable, quality home products since 1946
  11. Awnings have advantages that contribute to more sustainable buildings
Awning features

Our Awning has it…will yours?




Extruded Arm Shoulder Pitch Adjuster with stainless bolts, extruded and drop-forged components for strength and durability

Fabric Tray that keeps fabric tight as it moves and protects the roller tube and fabric

All aluminum baked-on enamel and powder coated finishes for no maintenance

Stainless steel fasteners covered with plastic caps for durability

Sewn exclusively with translucent TENARA sewing thread

Teflon coated bushings for smooth, quiet operation

Options galore: Manual or motorized system controls, wireless remote, automatic weather detection

Craft-Bilt’s exclusive fabric collection

Fabric guarantee against rot, mildew and variations in dimensional stability and color

Vario Valance option affords even more protection from low sun or privacy

Heavy Duty Springs keep fabric beautifully taut

Heavy Duty Elbow with dual wrapped cables wrapped in vinyl for durability

Front Profile and End Cap featuring a unique gutter and drainage system

40mm galvanized steel Square Bar

Choose from a variety of popular valance styles

Somfy and Nice Motors used in all motorized awnings

Limited Lifetime transferable frame warranty

Manufactured by Craft-Bilt Mfg. with over 70 years of quality home remodeling products

Full-cassette system available on Manor awning completely encloses and protects the awning and fabric

Slim-Fit model available to fit narrow space that can still reach a full 13’1” full projection

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