Solar Shade Benefits

Benefits of an exterior Solar Shade

  • When the sun hits the glass pane in your windows, they heat up and allow more warmth inside your home. Because Solar Shades are mounted outside on your home, they block the sun before it hits the windows, helping reduce cooling costs.
  • Control how much light and privacy you need by choosing solid acrylic fabric or open mesh fabric.
  • Completely cover your sunroom or other windows to provide sun protection when and where you need it.
  • Can be joined together to safely cover large spaces.
  • Operate manually or by remote control.

Benefits of a Horizontal Shade

  • When you or the neighbors are outside enjoying the weather, the Horizontal Shade provides you with privacy.
  • Since they are mounted between two walls, from one wall to one floor post or between the legs of a Canopy or Pergola, Horizontal Shades can be installed almost anywhere.
  • Operate easily with a bottom wheel to roll out and a spring to pull back in.
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